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I believe in ghosts

For someone who insists she  does not believe in God and is  not superstitious, it is a rather surprising admission.

But comedian Jennifer Saunders has confessed she believes in ghosts.

The Absolutely Fabulous star, 55, claimed she may even have been haunted by her late grandmother after inadvertently moving into her old address.

She said: ‘It could have all been in my head but when I was younger I thought I saw ghosts quite frequently.

‘Or at least there were strange happenings. I’d wake up and feel a bit funny, open my eyes and could see shapes. It got really scary. When I was at college I was living in a flat in London where there were lots of knockings at the windows and strange noises.


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Woman & Home

Jennifer is in May’s issue of Woman & Home, out now.

Questions for Jennifer

Jennifer will be at Kingston’s Rose Theatre next Monday and we have the opportunity to send a few questions to her interviewer. We will be there to see if Jennifer replies to any of them so we can report back to you.

Feel free to send in yours and we’ll pass them on.

Jennifer Saunders to host first Have I Got News For You of new series

The Absolutely Fabulous presenter will be at the helm on Friday, April 4, when the show returns to BBC One.

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Jennifer Saunders fizzes over hypnotherapy and promises Absolutely Fabulous film ‘is going to happen’

Jennifer Saunders has revealed that she is undergoing hypnotherapy to help her overcome procrastination and complete the script for the long-delayed Absolutely Fabulous film.

The big screen version of her hit television show “is going to happen”, she told an audience at The Independent Bath Literature Festival yesterday, adding: “I’m writing it now; I have a deadline for the treatment.”

Saunders also revealed that she plans to start appearing on comedy panel programmes after BBC bosses introduced a ban on all-male shows.

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Jennifer & Ade are grandparents again!

Congratulations to all the family!

Blandings series 2 is coming!